Mario Loomis

Surgeon, author, and homeschooling dad, Dr. Mario Loomis, has operated in third world missions, done brain and stem cell research, and cared for thousands of patients over the years. In his youth, he worked as a cowboy and hitchhiked through South America. For eight years, he and his wife ran a teen support group from their home they called, “A Drop of Clear Water,” named after a quote from Saint (Mother) Teresa of Calcutta. When asked how she felt having been unable to reduce the number of poor in the world, Mother Teresa said she never thought she could change the world; she only wanted to be a drop of clear water through which God’s love could shine.

In that spirit, Clear Water Publishing, and InVivo Press are the Loomis’s self-publishing endeavors to reach students of all ages who are looking to dive deeper into their own understanding of life. If you’ve had trouble finding “clean reads” that were thrilling enough to hold your attention or your teenager’s, try one of Dr. Loomis’s debut novels, “Essence, Assault on the Mind,” or “Primordium.”

Dr. Loomis earned a BA in Biology from Cornell University, his MD from the University of Vermont, did his surgical residencies at Northwestern University, and is a member of the AOA Medical Honor society. He lives with his wife and four children in New York. In 2008, they were named “International Family of the Year,” by the Knights of Columbus, and were subsequently invited by the Vatican to represent North America at the World Meeting of Families in Mexico City. Dr. Loomis has provided free surgery to the poor in Central America for years, working with The Franciscan Friars of the Renewal.

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InVivo Press

“The unexamined life is not worth living.” (–Socrates, responding to his death sentence for holding to and teaching his philosophy.)

Is there such a thing as the soul, or is it merely a poetic description of the neuronal synapses in our brains? Is there more to human life than meets the CT scan, histology slide, or electron microscope? Is there truly a spiritual aspect of Man that we can know with certainty? Are good and evil absolutes? Is there a rational basis for believing in God, or is faith the antithesis of reason?  Is socialism a reasonable way for us to meet the needs of our fellow citizens, or is it a recipe for tyranny?  We can examine these questions and our own underlying bias, by calmly stepping back from the propaganda, and taking the time to integrate reason, science, and rational evaluation.

With exciting thrillers and engaging young adult novels, Clear Water Publishing and InVivo Press hope to encourage readers’ on-going self-examinations of life, to foster a deeper understanding of the mind and soul, of the exceptional nature of Man, and the joy of being a part of the human family.