Essence Makes the Shortlist for GLOBAL THRILLERS Book Awards 2017


The GLOBAL THRILLERS Book Awards recognizes emerging new talent and outstanding works in the genre of Lab Lit and Global Thrillers. The GLOBAL THRILLERS Book Awards is a division of Chanticleer International Novel Book Awards and Writing Competitions.

This is the Official announcement of the Authors and Titles of Works that have been SHORT-LISTED for the GLOBAL THRILLERS  2017 Book Awards. These titles will now compete for the First In Category positions.

  • Amy Rogers – The Han Agent
  • Denis Lipman – Striking Terror
  • Mario Loomis, MD – Essence
  • John Yarrow – The Recombinant Theory
  • John D Trudel – Raven’s Redemption
  • Lou Dischler – Off Road to Armageddon
  • K.V. Scruggs – What They Don’t Know
  • Sara Stamey – The Ariadne Connection
  • Daniel Elliott – The Kingmaker
  • Dean De Servienti – Quantum – The Trilogy Begins
  • James Tacy Cozad – Stormfront
  • Avanti Centrae – VanOps – The Lost Power
  • Lawrence Verigin – Seed of Control
  • Lee Burvine – The Kafir Project
  • Richard Gargulinski – Magenta is Missing