Mind Brain Dualism


Imagine your mind apart from your brain. That is the recommendation from vascular surgeon and FBI advisor, Dr. Paul Lejour, in Essence, Assault on the Mind.

Mind brain dualism is the notion that our minds are not contained within our brains, but exist above them and work through them.  The mind is the site of understanding and will, the brain, a sophisticated machine.  If you have ever spoken to a sleep walker, you have witnessed the functioning of a brain without the mind: reflexive actions, memories and imagination strung together automatically without reason or understanding.  A machine does not understand why it does what it does; it simply does it.


A jellyfish’s brain is more a net of nerves than what we would call a brain.  Certainly a very simple machine.  Yet there is purpose and order to jellyfish behavior.  Honey bees demonstrate remarkable sophistication in their behavior, with precise delineation of duties and coordination of activities.  Where do they get all that?  Their DNA contains the blueprints for their physical bodies, but can it also contain sufficient code for the vast array of algorithms necessary for complex instinctive behavior?  Furthermore, such intricate programming would require understanding, but from where?  Dr. Paul Lejour would say, it is from the natural order, a reality above physical space and time, where the minds of all living things exist.  DNA is only the tip of the iceberg.  The enormous unseen bulk of the iceberg is the natural order, the abode of understanding and locus of instinct.  Intimately associated with all physical matter, it provides order from the perspective of another dimension.

Human minds too reside in this dimension, Dr. Lejour explains.  This is the basis for such phenomena as premonitions and telepathy.  In this nonphysical dimension, minds have the potential to interact.  What if your mind could see other minds?  What if other minds could see yours?


In EssenceAssault on the Mind, the villain, Dr. Karl Hoffman, creates an app to do just that.  When a person uses the app, they enter into a connection with Hoffman’s mind, and open themselves up to his subliminal influences.

When Dr. Hoffman’s associate dies from a bizarre psychological disorder, Hoffman is accused of having caused his death.  The FBI team that tracks him down will face a battle such as they have never before faced, challenging their understanding of reality, free will, and the nature of their own minds.

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